Barnevernet in Norway

In Norway, we have Barnevernet (CPS) that is suppose to protect and secure children a safe childhood. But this is not the situation, today children are being taken away from parents totally without reasons, illegally adopted, used in prostitution, being drug addicts, they don’t get any education, is withheld from getting friends and socialized. If they survive they are entirely destroyed, either by drug, abuse, or both.
(Also something that make them not trustworthy in the Norwegian court system as witnesses)

Many of them don’t survive, and we are going to talk about a child that did NOT survive: SHADA

We want justice for Shada.

A Norwegian medical doctor, with the risk of his career and life, has taken on him to write about these atrocities

The Report in a short version:   (Full report can be downloaded as a PDF file)




The killing of Shada – concern about child abuse


Minister of Justice Jøran Kallmyr,


The death of a child is described in part 21) of the Report, previously received by the minister of justice.  

The child NN (the child’s name remains anonymous) had a serious illness, was denied medical assistance by the barnevernet (Child Protective Services) and died at the age of 12. The attorney general concludes that this is within the acceptable legal sense. However, under Norwegian law, there is coverage to say that one is talking about complicity in the murder.  Barnevernet (CPS) is not in the position to deny any vital health care. 

Unfortunately we have a new death under public care. 


Review of Shadas death:

It concerns the Al-Bargouti family and their 3 children; Shada 16, Mohammad 13 and Ahmed 10 years old. Shada was taken care of by barnevernet (CPS) and lived in an institution in Stavanger. She was found dead in her room, according to current information.

On August 14, 2019, police notified the family verbally that Shada had been killed. According to the Report of death on August 12, that is, 2 days earlier, the cause of death is suicide/ strangulation is stated in the form of hanging. This seems strange because killing and suicide are two different things, and the suspicion of the former should trigger the alert of the “Norwegian Crime Scene Investigation”. (KRIPOS)

Some points should be noted. I emphasize that this is not meant to be a forensic report. It is common sense and based upon some forensic principles There has been performed a simple reconstruction of two pictures from the room to Shada, based on the police crime scene photos, in which the lawyer has shown to the parents.   

  • Barnevernet (CPS) claim that they are doing what’s best for the child.  Therefore it`s illogical that Shada would wish to commit suicide, when according to barnevernets (CPS) opinion, she was so happy that she did not even “need her family”. 
  • Death certificate, enclosed please find (1)
  • The first name to the doctor is possible to read, but the last name impossible.  The certificate is not marked by any department or persons within that department. The question is; Who is the doctor? Health personnel on the scene, eventually at the hospital? (With many years of experience, I can confirm that the certificate should be stamped, so that the information proceeds forward.)  Furthermore, it has been stated that the cell phone charger cable as a tool to the suicide. This type of cable would not tolerate this type of weight, and can easily break with your bare hands. This will be explained in detail.
  • By so-called fulfilled hanging, the body is found hanging in free air, in other words the rope will carry the entire weight of the body. The body height to Shada was over 180 cm and she weighed most likely at least 50 kg. A cell phone charger cable can probably not support the body weight long enough to cause death.
  • A regular curtain rod is designed to keep the weight of curtains, not a grown person. More than likely, the curtain rod would break before death occurs. 
  • An important sign of a fulfilled hanging is marks on the neck, from the rope, a so called “snørefure” or rope-mark. A thin cable in this case would leave a significant mark with color changes and eventually scraped skin on the neck.  However, the parents were looking for traces on the neck at the Stavanger university hospital, but found nothing. Pictures taken after the occurring death does not show any traces as well. A broken neck could also happen in some cases, but here again there was no sign of that.

    Inconclusive hanging means that parts of the body is touching the ground.  Death can occur by lesser pressure on the neck, by affecting superficial veins of the neck. The sight of this can be pretty disturbing, and the dead person is typically blue in the face and can be swollen, eventually with an open mouth and the eyes protruding. The pictures of Shada show no evidence of this, and neither did the parents see any evidence of this. 

    Furthermore, there are procedures to secure evidence, by securing the rope/ cable with a thin rope or the like to reconstruction. This has not been done. In this case, one can see a knot on the cable and there was some hair attached to it, photo (8) Right off the bat, it is difficult to understand how this came to be. 

  • Furthermore, there are other signs of significance.
  • There is clearly a blood stain on the bed. According to the parents, this was in the vicinity of the head pillow to their daughter, see photo 9.
  • See photo 2, taken after death has occurred. There are clear signs of marks on the head and the upper torso. It has
    been observed several more marks on the upper torso and a wound of unknown size on the back of the head.
    Photo (1) is with to compare.
  • By the washing of the body before the funeral, this happened after transportation to the hospital in Drammen
    where the parents live, it was observed something that looked like blood from the genital region. (According to Muslim tradition, the body was washed down by water, which also reached the genital area, but the cover of the genital area was not lifted up.) This suggests external violence on the body, eventually also with impression/ blunt force trauma to the back of the head?
  • People connected to the hospital have said ”off the record” that the child had to have been killed, according to the external wounds on the body. These are experienced helpers who are used to dealing with deceased bodies.
  • In regards to securing evidence: The parents were told at the Stavanger university hospital that the clothes to the daughter, that she was wearing  when she died, were “discarded”. This needs further explanation, because the clothes could contain important trace/ evidence. 
  • Conclusion: Suicide by hanging seems unlikely, because there are no signs that are typical with this method. The body has wounds and lesions on several parts, and it is observed blood stains on the bed. This does not coincide with hanging or falling in connection with hanging. Murder is more likely, where a physical altercation could explain the picture.
  • Other items of interest:

    The parents have received the personal belongings to their daughter. The contents seems a bit strange for a child who is denied normal schooling.

  • Sexy underwear, bras with breast enhancement, high heeled shoes. (Shada was relatively flat chested.)
  • A huge amount of expensive makeup, manicure, equipment to eye lashes, over 40 makeup brushes in different sizes, equipment for shaving and removal of body hair, jewelry etc. We see a lot of equipment for many thousands of kroner, see photo (3)
  • Noteworthy is several packages with sanitary pads and tampons. For a young, unmarried woman with a Muslim background, tampons are forbidden to use, according to the child’s mother, because it can lead to changes in the genital area and have consequences for her adult life. Barnevernet (CPS) found reason to introduce the name
    ”Lise Anderson”, undermining her real identity, see photo (4)
  • There is foreign currency present, photo (7) This raises the question whether she has been abroad, or been in contact with foreigners in Norway? There is also been established a bank account in Sparebank 1 where she can deposit cash. 
  • There is information that Shada needed medicine. This information is a bit strange, because she was completely healthy and did not use any medicine while barnevernet (CPS) took her.   
  • Her letters show deep despair, self incriminating and worries for her family. They describe that she was subjected for extensive violence in the institution and was forced to have sex with strangers, also at night time. This shows a new dimension of barnevernets understanding of ”the best for the child”.
  • This suggests that we see serious criminal acts; Trafficking of children, child prostitution and ruthless exploitation of her tragic situation. When she tried to stick up for her human decency, she was most likely killed. Reactions like violence and murder is well known from the prostitution environment in general. However, in this case she was actually under public care.  



    Shada came to Norway when she was a little girl and became a Norwegian citizen. She loved her family and showed great care for her two younger  brothers. Her parents highest wish was to give their children a safe childhood and environment, and they were resourceful people to the community.

    There are a lot of people who reacted to the death, both in Norway and abroad. Our thoughts and prayers goes to the parents Yehya and Fadia Al- Bargouti and the rest of the family on the West Bank. We regret that the family’s trust to the Norwegian society was met with lies, corruption and violence.

    My condolences goes to the ambassador at the Palestinian embassy in Oslo, Marie Antoinette Sedin. I can only apologize for the total disregard for the family’s cultural and religious roots that we see. It is important to emphasize that Shada is without blame in what happened to her.  She has been exposed to serious criminality, and the main responsibility lays solely on the Norwegian government.

    There are many questions in the Arabic world after her death. I hope some of  these can be answered by casting a new light over the situation.

    Shada Al- Bargouti R.I.P.


    Mari Trommald, director of BUFDIR and Kjell Ropstad, child minister should comment this publicly as soon as possible.   

    The Al-Bargouti family needs to start the necessary grieving process after the death of their daughter.
    The two boys, Ahmed 10 years old, and Mohammad 13 years old, must immediately be returned to the family, so the process can begin. The boys were taken by barnevernet (CPS), on a baseless reason which makes no sense whatsoever.

    Also here, there is information of serious lack of care under public care. Furthermore, a previous teacher has guaranteed himself an extra income; He sent a message of concern to barnevernet, witnessed against the family and took custody of one the boys himself. Everything points to that he has abused his position.


     The grandchild of NN (The grandmothers name remains anonymous.)

    The grandchild to NN, as described in Report part 21) is still living in the same situation as Shada did. We are talking isolation, serious threats, forced treatment of pregnancy prevention and rape. She has tried to commit suicide several times. One person is sitting in prison for abusing her sexually, according to my information.

    The child is obviously in danger, seen in light of Shadas death. I am requesting that the child be returned to its family as soon as possible, before something worse happens again. The responsibility for eventually a new death can solely be blamed on the government, who has received several messages of concern. 


    In regards to sending the Report to the Attorney general

    This time, the Attorney general needs to react. Unnatural death with external damage to the body, as well as the observing of blood, need to be investigated as a potential homicide. This lies within the responsibility of the prosecutor.

    The Attorney general should order the murder investigation to the case of Shada Al-Bargouti. Please make note of the fact that an employee of STENDI AS in Stavanger has raped the child, see enclosed document (3) Furthermore, I would emphasize the proof of the clothes to Shada, according to the information the family has received, has been removed. Obviously, the Attorney general should consider if someone is trying to hide or conceal a serious, criminal act. The Attorney general has now been informed. 




    Platform for action

    The Report includes sensitive information, including a photo of the deceased. The duty of confidentiality may be revoked when special reasons so warrant. In this case the following is seen;

    • Consent is given from the parents, attachment (4)
    • It is assumed that Shada would approve the Report
    • There is probably a perpetrator at risk of repetition, so there is talk of preventing a new, criminal act.
      This triggers a duty on the part of health professionals to act.
    • This is solved by the Attorney general receiving some extended information. Otherwise the Report goes to the recipients who tend to receive it. It should also be noted that information on abuse, rape and the risk of death in one-off measures has been communicated to the government several times, at least 3 weeks before Shada died. 

      Oslo November 4, 2019

      With best regards


      Rodgeir Vinsrygg

       MD (medical doctor)



  • Medical certificate of death on August 12, 2019
  • Photos
  • Photo 1: Shada Al- Bargouti, November 2018
  • Photo 2: Photo from Stavanger university Hospital, photo: Family
  • Photo 3: Make up items sent from barnevernet (CPS)
  • Photo 4: Tampons and charger after changing names
  • Photo 5: Intimate wash and eyelash equipment
  • Photo 6: Selection of makeup
  • Photo 7: English coins
  • Photo 8: Reconstruction: Cable with hair from Shada
  • Photo 9: Blood trace in bed, reconstruction with ketchup


All the Suplements are enclosed In the full PDF document,
You can download it here:  Report 22 - English


This document was sent to Norwegian authorities, plus KRIPOS (Norwegian Crime Scene Investigations)
in November 2019, and nothing has been done to investigate, correct, or prosecute a potential killer.


If You believe that this is an “One-Time” incident, the statistics shows that this is more than so:

- 1500 children were revealed to have been subjected to sexual abuse in barnevernet
- 702 Children died in barnevernet in a 10 year period
- Countless children are constantly being moved from one foster home to another and have their upbringing and  
  attachment destroyed
- Thousands of parents has committed suicide because of barnevernet has taken their children without a reason
- Barnevernet is convicted in EMD repeatedly for human rights violations
- Barnevernet is revealed in 1000s of offenses
- Barnevernet is revealed in extensive lies
- Barnevernet is revealed in threatening families and children
- children who are in Barnevernet custody come out worse than those who continue to live in at-risk families
- Barnevernet has been exposed to serious knowledge shortages for a number of years
- Compensation payments for errors and offenses have passed billions
- and it goes on and on



Report 22B in a short version.
The full report can be downloaded as a PDF fil

Jøran Kallmyr, minister of Justice

Department of Justis and Immigration

P.o. box 8005 Dep.

0030 Oslo                                                                                                          








Part 22B) The killing of Shada – Notifying the Norwegian Crime Scene Investigation (KRIPOS)



Minister of Justice Jøran Kallmyr,


In reference to the last part of the Report. 

The pictures which the police took at the scene of the crime shows blood stains on the bed, something similar to the reconstruction which was done. There is also noted that there is a bend in the curtain rod where the hanging allegedly happened. This is confirmed again by an independent source. Together with the external damage on the child, this gives the impression that the child was killed.  

The alleged “suicide letters” that were found in her room, articulate and point toward the parents and the brothers, would be therefore under a “strange light”. No one in their right mind would write a suicide letter before they are killed.  And it`s also unusual to damage a curtain rod before one is killed.

The Death Certificate seems even stranger. The doctor who wrote this obviously missed the point. 

  • The Certificate describes no department or identification number
  • The first name of “the doctor” coincides strangely with that of the person who raped the child, according to the childs journal 
  • The academic level is at a stand still
  • The question is, does this doctor actually exist, or is the Certificate written to conceal a more serious criminal act?
  • The case is hereby sent to the Norwegian Crime Scene Investigation (KRIPOS), something which should have obviously been done earlier.
  • A teenager at the age of 16 dies by unnatural death
  • There is external damage to the body, and clear traces of blood on the scene
  • The clothes she wore when she died has been ”thrown away” (discarded) because a garbage truck came by. This needs an explanation.
  • She has been previously raped, and the information suggests that she has been used in prostitution 
  • Child Ministry incapacity 
  • The Minister of Child Welfare (CPS, Child Protective Service) Kjell Ropstad is married to an employee in the Child Welfare system (CPS). The new attorney general, Jørn Maurud is living together with a former minister involved in the so called NAV case, and has claimed himself inhabil. The disregard of Kjell Ropstad is striking, and he has to be about the only person in the country who doesn`t understand the problem with children being abducted, forcefully treated with prevention middles, raped and killed. He should therefore claim himself inhabil to comment on the death of Shada, on behalf of the government. 

    After the so called Monika- case, where the child was found killed on the island of Sotra outside Bergen, everyone agreed that murder cases should be investigated. This is still on going.



    Shada died in August and a new autopsy is still possible. The Norwegian Crime Scene Investigation (KRIPOS) received extended information, just like the Attorney general has received. Further information and documents are available at your request.


    Bergen November 19, 2019

    With best regards,


    Rodgeir Vinsrygg

    MD (Medical doctor)


The full “Report 22B” can be downloaded as a PDF file here:

Report 23 in a short version.
The full report can be downloaded as a PDF fil





Part 23) The murder of Shada - authentical pictures taken by the police


Minister of Justice Monica Mæland

I would like to congratulate the country's new Minister of Justice.

This report shows the connection between corruption in the judicial system and child abuse. I refer to part 22) of the report.

  • · It is possible to "win" a lawsuit that has never taken place. Big amounts of money can be compulsorily collected on the basis of a case number, where the case demonstrably never has been dealt with, I refer to part 16) of the report.
  • · This describes a corrupt legal system. The consequence is gross violations of human rights. Norway's legal understanding is attracting attention abroad, among others at the ECHR in Strasbourg.
  • Toril Øie, head of the Supreme Court, is involved in falsifying entire court decisions. She was reported for corruption when she was installed as the new leader, but saw no problems with impartiality. This means the removal of evidence as a possibility, and must be used as a basis for understanding of Shada`s tragedy.

    Short summary from part 22)

    The child Shada was found dead in August 2019. The police informed father Yehya Al-Bargouti that his daughter had been killed. The death certificate is dated 2 days before the family received the message.

    The death certificate states that the cause of death is suicide by strangulation (hanging). The certificate is missing ID number for the doctor and stamp with department. The first name of the doctor is identical to a person who had previously raped the child. The certificate is not correct and not yet completed. (This is confirmed by the county doctor.)

    Pictures show external damage to the body. A major head injury has been reported as well as possible traces
    of blood at the scene. The Norwegian Crime Scene Investigation (KRIPOS) was not involved in the case according to normal procedure. Shada was a young woman with a Muslim background. The child welfare service changed her name to "Lise Andersson". She was subjected to severe violence in the institution where she lived.

    Documentation shows that she was forced to have sex with strangers and has suffered horribly because of this this.


    Pictures from the scene

    The story is dead by hanging. The following observations are striking:

    1. A large, red spot can be seen on the bed. This could mean traces of blood at the scene * and gives suspicion of violence involved, picture 1-2)

    2. The previous part of the report shows damage to the upper body and facial region. In addition, there is reported a clear damage to the back of the head, not visible in the existing photos. Marks are seen here, left side of the neck, picture 3) It goes both above and below the so-called ligature mark, and seems to go on under the hoodie. This indicates pressure against the throat. In addition, signs of tears are seen on the skin.

    The parents tell of something that resembled blood from the abdomen when Shada was washed shortly before the funeral. This was not investigated further because she was covered accordingly to their tradition. Changes at the body as the pictures show indicate that Shada could have been undressed when the damage was inflicted. Pictures show marks on the upper body in report part 22)

    3. Shada was over 170 cm and probably weighed at least 60 kg. A simple curtain rod can hardly bear such a weight, probably it would break completely. (Made to withstand the weight of the curtains, not an adult.) It seems strange that the rod indicates otherwise than what is reported. As one sees clearly the rod is lower down on the left side than it is on the right side, when the actual hanging  took place on the right side, according to the pictures, picture 4)

    4. The charging cable has a wide, open loop, picture 5) The point of hanging is that the rope tightens in the neck so that the pressure against the blood vessels of the neck is maintained. According to the images presented as evidence of hanging, this badly made loop would make the person probably slipp out of the loop before death occurred. (This is confirmed by a simple test that anyone can do.)

    5. There are hair remnants tied into the cable, picture 6) According to the police message to the parents, this "proves" that she hung herself. This may seem a little strange. It is difficult to understand how the hair has become infiltrated into the knot, taking point 4 into consideration.

    6. It is noted that the cable is not secured as recommended in forensic medicine textbook, see previous part of the report ** The question is also about a simple charging cable if it can withstand the weight of an adult or not.

    7. Picture 7) shows a clear "black eye" on the left side. The eyeball seems to be extra traumatized, as seen in the picture.

    8. The curtains on the scene photos are a completely different type than the parents received from Shada`s room, picture 8) The curtains received had stains which are striking. That is to say that the institution operates with two sets of curtains.

    The farewell letter that the police informed of, a suicide note, picture 2)

    There is a close-up of the text.

  • · The letter has no beginning of the type "To mother and father" or the like. There is no ending of the type "greetings from Shada" etc. Her name is not mentioned. On the other hand, it opens with, quote; "Destroy me without you realizing it".
  • · The content of the three pages is not related. One sees three independents texts. It says nothing about planned suicide, or any explanation or hint of suicide.
  • · The text on the middle sheet picture 9), quote;
  • "Your hand comes so- quickly against my face- a blow so hard- I say stop but you do not hear- your eyes are as- dark as my life- you gave me."
  • Shada was taken from her family whom she loved about 4 years prior to the incident. She almost did not get to meet her family. The text can only describe the abuse she was subjected to by the child welfare. Is it the perpetrator she is referring to?    "wish I could say- mom and dad to those- who deserve the title"

    This is perceived as missing her family. Also the sheet on the right describes violence, picture 10) "words that were said- blows that were done".

    This is not a suicide note. You see three independent notes that describe abuse in child welfare. This is consistent with other notes in which Shada writes that she is forced to have sex with strangers. There is no sign of the makeup that the parents received from Shada`s room. Picture 11- 12)

    Basis for action:

    The duty of confidentiality is put aside when special reasons justify it. In this case there is information that triggers a duty to act. Refers otherwise to the basis for action in part 22) of the report.

  • · It is assumed that Shada, if she had the opportunity to speak, would approved the report.
  • · There is a perpetrator who deals with children at risk of repetition.
    This is a matter of preventing a potential criminal act.
  • After the so-called Monika case, where a child was found killed at Sotra outside the town of Bergen, everyone agreed that suspicious death of children should be investigated.
    This applies until the Minister of Justice says otherwise.

    The role of the Prime Minister:

    No Norwegian government should protect child prostitution and murder. Compulsory treatment with contraception, rape in an institution, pedophilia and risk of early death is already described in part 19-20) of the report.

    The government was aware of this long before Shada died. The Minister for Children Kjell I. Ropstad has not given any comment. Minister of Health Bent Høie has given no comment.

    Now Prime Minister Erna Solberg should clarify the government's position for the voters.

    Taxpayers have never agreed to fund serious crimes against children, nor against anyone else.



    A review of police photos has been made. This shows traces of blood at the scene and injuries to the body. The alleged suicide note looks like something completely different, namely notes describing possible child welfare abuse.


    Police crime scene photos shows that suicide is completely unlikely. Shada has significant external injuries and was probably killed. The Norwegian Crime Scene Investigation (KRIPOS) should obviously have taken action. The death certificate has significant deficiencies and is possibly forged.

    ·  Prime Minister Erna Solberg should explain to the voters what this government stands for.
    · A murder investigation should be opened, as in "Monika's case".

  • The King in Council is kept informed.

    Oslo 04.06.2020

    With best regards


    MD (Medical doctor) Rodgeir Vinsrygg


The full “Report 23” can be downloaded as a PDF file: here

This is a picture of Shada a few months before her death in the
Norwegian Barnevern